Mazal Tov, It's A Boy!

Hi, I’m Rabbi Yossi Srugo 

Board Certified

Miami Mohel 

I am serving as a Mohel (Moel or Moyil) throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

When a family gets to introduce their baby into the covenant of Abraham, aka a Bris or Brit Milah, it's time to invite a Mohel.

A Moel is the Rabbi that specializes in baby circumcision, who will perform the Bris, recite blessings for the baby and parents, and finally, he'll give the baby is Jewish Hebrew Name.

So, put your baby in great hands!

Call Rabbi Yossi, your baby will thank you for it!



Mazal Tov!, ¡es un niño!

Hola, soy el Rabino Yossi Srugo

El Mohel de Miami

Estoy actuando como Mohel en todo el estado de Florida y alrededores.

Cuando en una familia nace un niño y ésta va a cumplir el pacto de Abraham, también conocido como Bris o Brit Milá, es el momento de invitar a un Mohel.

Un Mohel es el rabino que se especializa en la circuncisión de bebés, que realizará el Bris, recitará bendiciones para el bebé y los padres y, finalmente, le dará al bebé el nombre judío en hebreo.

¡Ponga a su bebé en buenas manos!

¡Llame al rabino Yossi, su bebé se lo agradecerá!

Rabbi Yossi Srugo

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Rabbi Yossi is the only mohel I would trust to do a circumcision of my both sons! He really cares, is very professional, clean, checks the baby before the Bris, and follows up after with a few visits to make sure everything is good. He also is very good with making parents feel calm and educated on aftercare. I would recommend him within jewish community for the religious ceremony and beyond the Jewish community (over any Obgyn) if you want someone who is truly dedicated and specializes in circumcision.

During this special time of welcoming a new baby boy into your family there is nothing more important than having the assistance and professionalism of a great mohel.
You can count on Rabbi Yossi Srugo for this and more!
He goes above and beyond to make this special moment more beautiful, safe and meaningful!
Highly recommend!

Rabbi Srugo made our son’s Bris very exciting, beautiful and charismatic. And very happy with the recovery, it was flawless!! If our next child is a boy, definitely contacting Rabbi Srugo!

list of honors

At  a Brit Mila ceremony we honor family and sometimes close friends to take part of the ceremony.

The most important honor at a Brit is the Sandak (holds the baby at the time of the bris) and the Standing Sandak (holds baby at the time of the Baby Naming)

These are usually given to grandfather of the baby.

Lista de honores

En una ceremonia de Brit Mila honramos a la familia y, a veces, a amigos cercanos para que participen en la ceremonia.

El honor más importante en un Brit es ser Sandak .Es la persona que sostiene al bebé en el momento del Brit y en el momento que se da el nombre al bebé.

​Por lo general, este honor se le da a uno de los abuelos del bebé.


The Bris is a physical symbol of the relationship between G-d and the Jewish people. It is a constant reminder of what the Jewish mission entails (a reminder which men need more than women).


El Brit es un símbolo físico de
la relación entre Di-s y el pueblo judío. Es un recordatorio
constante de lo que implica la misión judía (un recordatorio
de que los hombres necesitan más que las mujeres).


It is customary amogst Jewish fathers, to bless their children on Friday night after reciting the Kiddush, while putting both hands on the kid's head

The Brit Milah ceremony can be performed by me according to either Sephardic or Ashkenazic customs, I am also fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Serving as a Mohel in Florida for the past 15 years and before that, in NY,  and Argentina.


My work as a Mohel is more than a job to me, its a passion! In my opinion, the steps to a successful Bris performance is as follows;

1.Health of the baby
2.Making the parents feel comfortable.
3.Home visits before and after
4.Inspiring Brit ceremony


Mohel en Florida durante los
últimos casi 15 años y antes de eso, en Nueva York y Argentina


Mi trabajo como Mohel es más que un trabajo para mí, ¡es una pasión! En mi opinión, los pasos para que un Bris sea
exitoso son los siguientes;

​1. Salud del bebé
2. Hacer que los padres se sientan cómodos.
3.Visitas a domicilio antes y después
4.Hacer del Brit una ceremonia Inspiradora


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