I am serving as a Mohel (Moel or Moyil) throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

When a family gets to introduce their baby into the covenant of Abraham, aka a Bris or Brit Milah, it's time to invite a Mohel.

A Moel is the Rabbi that specializes in baby circumcision, who will perform the Bris, recite blessings for the baby and parents, and finally, he'll give the baby is Jewish Hebrew Name.

So, put your baby in great hands!

Call Rabbi Yossi, your baby will thank you for it!



What is the 

list of honors

At  a Brit Mila ceremony we honor family and sometimes close friends to take part of the ceremony.

The most important honor at a Brit is the Sandak (holds the baby at the time of the bris) and the Standing Sandak (holds baby at the time of the Baby Naming)

These are usually given to grandfather of the baby.

It is customary amogst Jewish fathers, to bless their children on Friday night after reciting the Kiddush, while putting both hands on the kid's head

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