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Why do i do what i do?


As I began my journey as a rabbi, one of the things that deeply troubled me, and still does when I attend other bris ceremonies, is how often they are reduced to merely a circumcision ritual. The true essence of a bris is so much more profound than a simple blessing followed by bagels and cream cheese.

A bris is a transformative, life-changing experience. It marks the moment when a child, born with a nefesh (an animalistic soul), receives his neshama, his divine connection with Hashem. At this moment, he becomes part of the Jewish people, a holy spiritual being connected with G-d. It’s the transformation of a soul inhabiting a body, not just a body with a soul – an incredible distinction.

For parents, this is an extraordinary privilege and a profound mitzvah. It is a time to celebrate, to sing, to dance, and to create a joyous occasion. When you leave a bris, you should feel transformed and inspired, knowing that all your sins are forgiven. The Torah tells us that when Elijah the Prophet comes to embrace all the sins of everyone present, it becomes like a holiday, a young Yom Tov.

My goal in life is to elevate the bris to this level of celebration and significance. It should be a life-changing event, celebrated with joy and reverence.

Warmest regards,
Rabbi Joseph

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