About Rabbi Yossi


I have been serving as a Mohel in Florida for the past 15 years and before that, in NY and Argentina.

Currently serving as a rabbi at Chabad of Aventura in Aventura FL.


My work as a Mohel is more than a job to me, its a passion! In my opinion, the approach to a good Bris performance is as follows: 

1. Health of the baby

2. Making the parents feel at ease

3. Home visits before and after

4. Inspiring Brit ceremony


The Brit Milah ceremony can be performed according to either Sepharadic or Ashkenazic customs, I am also fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.


Sofer refers to a person who writes/checks Sefer Torah's, Tefillin and Mezzuzot. I recieved my instruction as a Sofer in Brooklyn, NY under the auspicies of Oraita Inc.

Contact : 305-318-1880